Black Ink



The color of the ink

That matches the pen

And as I reach for it

I ponder over and gather my thoughts

On what to write and where to begin

For the words that will proceed

Must certainly exist

As I persist

To run away with this

Writing for my people

In a time when it has been missed

Poetry with soul

In a world that to us

Has long been froze

As the misery and darkness

Of it all

Continuously gets exposed

Among those with dark skin

And how far the fall

From beginning to end

For the mistreatment and indecency

Has been an ongoing trend

For I and we won’t pretend

To ignore and just put away

All we’ve been through

And where we have been

Not one day

Not one night

Not until the day comes

And arrives to set things right

With many restless nights

And sometimes the loss of an appetite

Because we are constantly

Feeling the bite

Both in and out of sight

But yet it’s expected

After all we’ve endured

To simply just be polite

Discouraged to stand and fight

Yet we are the only ones

Subjected to this plight

With things done to us

Just for mere fun and sick pleasure

And to count the atrocities

Are far beyond measure

As the punishment should match

The crimes

Because too much has happened

And has crossed many lines

Going on every single day

Of our very lives

And displaying on the outside

Often what we feel inside

Comprised and compiled

From our very core

And passed the time

To open the much-needed door

Because frankly my people

I don’t think we can stand it anymore

For we must seek

An array of hope and light

To leave behind the shadows

And lingering darkness

So that we can truly stand

And forego further hesitation and fright

For if we don’t

We may further sink

So, feel my heart and concern

As I composed this piece

In black ink


Collective Logic







Mutual Respect

We must do better….




If we have no respect for one another 

Then what do we truly have? 

Nothing I would say 

Because we treat each other 

Just any kind of way 

But the main focus here is 

The interaction and reaction 

Between our men and women 

As most of us turn away from our own 

And get so caught up  

In the rest of the world’s distractions 

To the brothers 

Our sisters are jewels 

And should be treated as such 

Not to be a clutch for blame 

And treating them subservient 

As admiration just came and went 

They are more than just a presence 

With quiet lips and no opinion 

For we are to love and protect them 

And not rationalize nor put into action 

Some type of dictatorship or dominion 

A partner not peasant 

A helpmate not your own personal slave 

For she is not your possession 

And worth more than your display of aggression 

For she is not the enemy 

For it’s time to humble ourselves 

And never mistreat them again 

For they have been in the same place 

They we ourselves have been 

And to the sisters I say this 

You are to be his peace 

And not a closed fist 

A sweetness to come home to 

After everything out there 

That he has been through 

He is more than just the sum 

Of material things 

And to whatever this may bring 

For you have experienced suffering 

But so, has he in many regards 

And the main target 

To place behind bars 

He is not your past 

But he is your present and future 

And not your pet or child 

You are not his boss 

But rather a partner to have 

And be worthwhile 

And see as often as he can 

Your beautiful faces smile 

And adore your love 

And you his 

Being the power couples 

That come together and live 

For he’s your rock 

And you’re his place of peace 

For the love of one another 

Very much needs to increase 

And the hatefulness and harsh words 

That need to completely cease 

For he is not your enemy 

It’s time to humble yourselves 

And never mistreat them again 

For they have been in the same place 

That you yourself have been 

Of course, for a few variations 

And certain accounts 

But that’s not what we’re talking about 

We need each other 

Black man and woman 

Sisters and brothers 

We need to fully understand 

Just how important we are 

To one another 

And for those that haven’t already 

Put this into play 

And for a matter of fact 

Let’s all start today 

For we can no longer afford 

To fail in unity or not passing 

The most vital tests 

Time to buckle down 

And be at our best 

No matter what and nevertheless 

For we will continue to fall 

Without mutual respect 


 Collective Logic



Not Optional




Unity is

Being treated as

Something that is optional

Instead of being a priority

For we truly need to come

Out of this slumber and sleep and

Awaken finally to the real world around you

And me that continues to haunt and

Torment what we feel and see

Experience and endure obviously on

The daily and nightly

As we wake up

And go


To sleep

As we should

Commit to unity that

Will surely strengthen our resolve

And forge a bond as one

Huge family and become the people that

We certainly need to be and never stray

From this again and forego this trend

Yet bring it to a close

And end for our very

Lives depends on this

Time to be

Unstoppable for


Among us

Is not optional


Collective Logic



With This I Find (Part 2)

Final Version




Hope I gave you something last time

To actually think about

As you look back and upon your lives

And having an idea

Of what this is all about

And came around full circle

Injecting the answer to the question

While bringing hope about your purpose

Being disenfranchised and mocked

And living within a nightmare

That never seems to stop

With so many tears throughout the years

And even the very fear

To just simply live

Lies mixed and blended in with truth

And pure truth held a bay

Frozen in time and space

The confused looks upon our faces

Unable to find proper traces

Hidden from us all in most cases

And lacing us with a false reality

Making too many comfortable

With a false sense of security

Being naïve and lost

Unable to fully comprehend and accept

The real truth after so much loss

Deny it when heard

Defy it so that it sounds absurd

Yet can’t find the very words

That explains what has actually occurred

With most of us feeling like

Life has kicked us to the curve

As this has caused much anger and grief

And having gotten on our last nerves

From all of the pain and hurt

Barely surviving and hard to find work

Barely dinner and no dessert

Noticing all around us

The ones with many perks

Opportunities and privileges

Yet cutoff anything that may allow one

To get back on their feet

Orchestrating abort and retreat

Bringing many to their knees

Upon various degrees

And being very pleased

Seeing those of opposite color

Just struggle and suffer

And very much limiting

All that someone else wants and does

Committing the crime with no gloves

With many atrocities to speak of

With fairness and equality non-existent

And only setup a system

That only serves them

While making life for others grim

With chances that are extremely slim

And mostly because of them

As these acts have crossed the line

For years and years and many times

Darkening the room for others

While making sure they have a light that semi shines

But no light actually exists

No humane treatment persists

Yet had the nerve to feel threatened

When someone even mentions

What they’ve gone through

For what my people have endured

You don’t have the slightest clue

As you have made many feel blue

Inside and out

And in no way

Will any of this be forgotten

And you have profited off of

Someone else’s misery all while making

Their every surrounding

Appear and feel down trodden

And never cared once about stopping

Yet continue to be rotten to the core

Never seeing any wrong with these

Disgusting and evil things

And all of the pain and injustice

It has brought on and also brings

With no real freedom for them that rings

Yet continue to do even more

As all of this has occurred over time

Carried out and fabricated

Without a doubt and demonstrated

Over and over again

With countless times

For with me and my people

As we stare life in the eyes

And living in a world that is so unkind

With all of this and much more

Is what I continue to find


Collective Logic



With This I Find



Riddle and tell me this

With both an open and closed fist

Who exactly decided your limitation?

Misplaced identities and no self-admiration

With so much pain and tears

Going on now for years

That haven’t been short lived

So, what gives?

As this tends to make you

Often explode and implode

For there are those

That never want to see us

Become and form a much-needed unity

That awaits to unfold

Constantly plaguing us

For we’re not operating

As part of a whole

And we can’t afford nor have

The luxury of this being optional

Or just simply letting it go

For this is something

We all need to know

And expose the unknown

To show and display exactly

How we’ve been treated so wrong

And for such a long time

As fear and worries

Have shown consistently in our eyes

The acceptance of an identity

Without mirrored judgements

And defining self

From someone else’s labels

As the constant predicament

With a very vague reality

That have never been tales or fables

And having never had a chance

For a seat at the vital table

Placing us all in a box

And tell us to just go kick rocks

Yet being the only ones

Whom possess a key to the lock

We have been done wrongly

And treated inhumane

For no matter how, much changes

The more they stay the same

So, time to switch up the ground game

Because we are not living

Who we truly are in truth

Because we’ve spent so much time

Living in a psychological phone booth

And cast away like a broken tooth

For you can’t truly know where

You are going until you know

Exactly where you’re came from

So much effort blocking out the noise within

And cringe at the mere mention

Of hidden and unknown truths

Coming from the very people

That look just like you

So now is the time

To come together and cross that line

Merging as one and began to shine

To rewrite our history

And open many new eyes

For we can be better

If we so choose

To be greater

And no longer lose

So, let’s take this journey

And start to align ourselves on a path

That will finally enrich our lives

And see one another as precious jewels

Without being a difficult task

All of the time

For we are so much more than stereotypes

My people so just believe this

In both heart and mind

Soul and eyes

Reset and rewind

So, do more than just exist

And with this I find


Collective Logic


The Wrong Direction



My people

My people

Are in a desperate and dire need

Of a major course correction

Because we for far too long

Have been heading in

The wrong direction

Division instead of unity

Hatefulness instead of being peacefully

Menticide that is very much alive

Along with mental slavery

That persists constantly

Though most would not agree

Because they are just too blind to see

And seriously naïve

To the very world around us

That engulfs us consistently

Through all the strife and suffering

That everyone else can clearly see

My people

My people

Playing the same old tunes

With little to no effort

As this loom

And expecting a change

Without actually making a change

And switching out the broken record

Being afraid to come together

And help to rearrange our lives

Be our own enterprise

And rise

Take to the skies and fly high

And go in wide eyed



And realize

That there is much more to us

Than what’s between our thighs

Material things of this world

And what tends to occupy our minds

That we spend too much time

Trying to find an escape

From the complexities of our lives

So, we continue to dive

And stay asleep inside

Yet die a little bit

Each and every time

And have yet to figure out why

On a daily grind

And in kind

For we won’t make it

If we don’t even try

Forego the lies

Step out of the darkness

And don’t deny the real truth

About us and step into the light

As we are people with sun drenched skin

To boot

So, let’s be the ones with a beginning

And no unhappy end

But with a humbleness instead

And let go of the dread

That we carry with us

Each night before bed

Open your minds

To the unread

And open your hearts

To our people well beyond

What is always being said

And get to work as we take real action

With these dark powerful bodies

And learn to enhance our souls

Each time they are fed

Feel me on this

For there is nothing more to be said

Embrace and embark on this

After what has been seen and read

And make adequate plans

That will allow for

A much needed course correction

And be each other’s support and equals

For my people

My people

I say this with much concern and affection

For it’s time for us to turn away

From going in the wrong direction


Collective Logic




Broken Pieces




People are 

Like broken pieces 

And missing pieces of 

The world’s puzzle and constant 

Struggle along with feeling down and 

Out and hard to smile when the  

Norm has become a frown and has gone  

On for quite a while and still 

Going on even until this very 

Day and having never seen 

A break or pause 

And feeling like 

A continuing 


And sprawled 

All over this 

World we call Earth 

A race that seems doomed 

From their very birth and cursed 

In many aspects for many reasons and 

Wandering steadily and nervously about what comes next 

Having not lived life at its very 

Best throughout every season and the 

Feeling of treason and just  

Left out in the 

Cold and all  

Of this 


Become old 

With many allegories 

That could be told 

Plagued by the damaged of 

Being sold and enslaved felt for  

Many days and came what may without 

Any or further delay in every which way 

In and out every single day and 

Night and feeling the bite and 

Plight and having to constantly 

Fight for something right 

That never ceases 

Yet never 


But increases 

For my people 

Have come to know 

Very well the many aspects 

Of life and its broken pieces 


Collective Logic